Maritime South updates

Maritime South content now available in Portuguese at Mar sem Fim, part of Estadão portal

Weekly publications to reach broader audience in Brazil

Maritime South’s articles are to be published in Brazilian media from June, 2021. Starting with one text per week, part of the news and analysis already available for free in English at will also be published in Portuguese at

The website Mar sem Fim was launched in 2005 by João Lara Mesquita and currently reaches over 500k readers per month. It specializes in ocean topics and the Brazilian coast, with a keen interest in environmental issues.

The articles provided by Maritime South will enhance Mar sem Fim’s coverage of the shipping industry, especially the ongoing energy transition.

The first text can be found here: Descarbonização da navegação começa na Noruega.

João Lara Mesquita is a well-known contributor to the Brazilian debate on ocean environmental issues. He wrote four books, including Embarcações Típicas da Costa Brasileira, about Brazilian traditional boats. He also made a series of documentaries on the coast of Brazil, Patagonia and Antarctica. Mr. Mesquita is a former director at the Eldorado radio station and a member of the controlling family of O Estado de S. Paulo.

Founded in 1875, O Estado de S. Paulo (also known as Estadão) is Brazil’s third largest newspaper in total (physical and digital) readership. It’s portal, where Mar sem Fim is hosted, reached an average of 15.2 million monthly unique visitors in 2020, according to Comscore data.


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