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Maritime South is online

News website focused on Latin American maritime news is launched on October 15, 2019.

Maritime South started in October 2017 as an Instagram account for sharing maritime news and images from Latin America and the Caribbean. Two years later, we have reached 22,000 followers and our posts are viewed by 75,000 people weekly.

The shipping business, though considerably traditional and reserved, is also fond of media coverage to document its developments and achievements, similarly to any other market. This coverage has been historically structured around established print media houses based on leading European shipping countries, such as the UK or Norway.

However, the internet brought many newcomers over the last 25 years, while the traditional media either disappeared, were absorbed by larger conglomerates or launched their own online publications. Additionally, global news agencies have set up specialized teams for shipping business coverage, usually as part of a larger transportation or infrastructure departments. This high-quality content finds its way into general newspapers, magazines and specialized shipping media as well. As a result, there is currently an array of alternatives on shipping for the interested reader.

Nonetheless, the shipping business is still considerably concentrated in a few maritime clusters and media coverage follows this reality markedly. Consequently, the developing world, especially Latin America and the Caribbean, remains on the sidelines.

The English-speaking reader interested in up-to-date, high-quality and Latin American-focused content will now find this specialized content here at Maritime South.

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